Sunday, February 3, 2013

Valentine's pictures

I'm not a professional photographer but I must say I did a great job!Yes,they are ready to be sent to his grandpa and grandma.

I ended up spending $3 for the kissing booth.I bought a white foam cardboard,a heart balloon and a red paper in dollar tree.I printed the banner on this site

Monday, May 21, 2012

handprint and footprint art

Here are some of my handprint and footprint art creations.

( i found this on pinterest)

(found on pinterest)

(found on pinterest but with a different twist)

Friday, April 13, 2012

paint chip popsicle stick matching game

I enjoyed making these colorful popsicle sticks using paint chips for my son's matching game activity.

Indeed a very cheap activity.I love it!

We're going on a bear hunt activity

Today,we did the  story sequencing of We're going on a bear hunt book.

Here's our version:

I cut out grass using construction paper and I let him glued it onto the paper.

For our river,I let him paint the paper with water then sprinkled with kool aid juice mixed berries flavor.

For thick oozy mud,He put a glue on the paper using a paintbrush and sprinkled a cajun powder.

For snow storm,we used a salt over a black construction paper.You can do a swirling motion as you apply the glue.

For our forest,we used twigs and construction paper.Since it is a dark forest,he painted it with black paint shown below,but you can always use a black construction paper as an alternative.
We used a piece of newspaper for our gloomy cave and paint the inside with a black paint.

Very quick and simple.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

handprint bunny (my way) for Easter

It's almost Easter and I wanted to share our version of handprint bunny great for easter card,mother's day card or for keepsakes.The pictures below are just the finished products since I was assisting my son while we were doing the activity.
Paint only the pointer finger,the ring finger and the palm for the head of the bunny then you can use either the child's left hand or right hand,paint the hands except the thumb but not all the way for the body,arms and feet of the bunny,print it on a downward position.I wanted to use pompoms for the tail but I don't have the gray color avalaible on hand.I used the cotton balls instead and I just painted it with gray color by mixing the orange and blue paints.You can either paint the grass or you can cut using a construction paper.
Here are some of our works,
With this picture above,I just painted the palm of my son for the body and glued a cotton ball for the tail.

On the above picture,paint the left palm and the thumb for the tail,again,not all the way then print your child's hand facing to the left.If you want to use the right hand,you make sure your child's hand is facing also to the right.

Happy Easter everyone!

Thursday, March 22, 2012


Thought I'd share what I made last fall of which I would have wanted to do it together with my son but he was still too little for this activity.I will try again come fall.This time,i will make a short story say for example,Mr.Crab was happy to see his friend whale..etc.etc.I will definitely draw some more creatures.

With the above picture,I can teach my son the different kinds of emotions.
Aren't they cute? :)