Friday, September 30, 2011

colorful foot and hand prints

I am so fascinated with foot and handprints.I love this idea.

salt container spin art

I was about to throw the empty salt container when i though of a salt container spin art.My son enjoyed this a lot.
First thing you have to do is put some different drops of paint on the bottom of the container.

Then turn it round and round onto the paper

Here are the finished products

Have fun!

fun with leaves

Just four days ago,me and my son went for a walk in the park.we gathered leaves and rocks.i knew in my mind what i want to do with the leaves and that is to make are pictures of what we've created

I ended up gluing most of it because my son got frustrated of the leaves that wouldn't stick right away on the cardstock so he just glued quite a few leaves with my guidance.But he had fun putting the googly eyes.
Here are some of our creations

Just a sneak peak on what we will be doing with the rocks that my son collected,here's a picture

So what are you waiting for?go gather some beautiful fall leaves and rocks in your backyard or in the park.What an inexpensive way to do art,isn't it?Have fun! :)