Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Easy to make christmas card

Are you looking for a super simple Christmas card idea to make with your kids for Daddy or for grandma or grandpa?well,I'll share what we had just made...All you need are washable paints,paper/cardstock,scissor,Q-tip,star sticker(if not available,use construction paper.
First you need to draw a christmas tree and cut it to make as a stencil.
Fold a paper in half and put it underneath your christmas tree stencil.Tape the top and the bottom of your paper so to make sure it doesn't move.
With your Q-tip,start painting.
Put some colorful dots for ornaments to look like a colorful christmas balls.
When done,take the stencil out and put the star sticker on top the tree

Now here's another way,try to put the dots for christmas balls first followed by the green paint for the tree.This is the effect

Here's a picture using sponge.(below)

Write "Merry Christmas " at the bottom or at the right side and you're done!
Have fun!

Friday, November 11, 2011

homemade inexpensive continent map

I love to incorporate geography lesson to JP "my way" so what I did was I bought felt sheets and foam boards in dollar tree.printed a map from the internet and I cut each continents.After cutting,I then put a tape in the middle of the paper and taped it onto the felt sheet.This serves as your guide for the shape of the continent,there's no need for you to trace.Then I continued cutting the felt sheet.I cut 2 pairs of each continents for my cards to go along with the map.I glued them in the foam board and the other pair to the cardstock.The last step was I glued the labels.It is so easy.If you're like me who has patience to make it,then you would enjoy.It's a very cheap world map and aside from that,using felt sheet is also a good way to learn about texture.The first time JP touched the map,he said "Mommy,it's soft".I love how my son would say "europe","asia","australia".It is so cute. :)
Here's the picture of my homemade world map which I put in front of our refrigerator.

And here's the continent cards

Now that's neat!

Friday, October 28, 2011

eraser fun

I went to a dollar store not knowing what to buy and i saw these eraser pack and thought I could use it for my transportation activities and true enough,a lot of ideas just popped out in my mind.The first thing I did was  I traced each erasers and let him matched them.

He got them all correctly!Next,I taught him how to draw a line by pair and he immediately got the idea.
It was as easy as 123 for him when he did this..I was amazed!Then we also did this one (below).

He knows how to read a little now.I didn't even say a word,He did it all by himself correcty.I am so proud of him!
He is good at sorting too! (above).

Played with it...vroomy vroom vroom...

And lastly,he did the tweezing.Can you believe it?a lot of activities for these $1 eraser pack!wow!what a great deal!

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

fall leaves animal creatures

There is no denying I am crazy with fall leaves.This is already part 2 of my fall leaves animal creatures.I really enjoyed making them and my son enjoyed putting googly eyes and identifying them.By the way,I made my hubby smile when he saw my creations.He thought it was cool.

oh how i love fall!

Friday, September 30, 2011

colorful foot and hand prints

I am so fascinated with foot and handprints.I love this idea.

salt container spin art

I was about to throw the empty salt container when i though of a salt container spin art.My son enjoyed this a lot.
First thing you have to do is put some different drops of paint on the bottom of the container.

Then turn it round and round onto the paper

Here are the finished products

Have fun!

fun with leaves

Just four days ago,me and my son went for a walk in the park.we gathered leaves and rocks.i knew in my mind what i want to do with the leaves and that is to make animals.here are pictures of what we've created

I ended up gluing most of it because my son got frustrated of the leaves that wouldn't stick right away on the cardstock so he just glued quite a few leaves with my guidance.But he had fun putting the googly eyes.
Here are some of our creations

Just a sneak peak on what we will be doing with the rocks that my son collected,here's a picture

So what are you waiting for?go gather some beautiful fall leaves and rocks in your backyard or in the park.What an inexpensive way to do art,isn't it?Have fun! :)

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Spikey ball

I guess you can call me a thrifty mom.you know why?because I don't want to buy those expensive materials needed to make an artwork.I just want to make use of what I have in the house.I believe that you can find the word "best" in simplicity.You just got try it to see the result just like this one...
A spikey ball,ziploc bag,a paper and some paints are all you need to create a beautiful artwork.Here's the result...

love it!

Monday, May 2, 2011

all about beans

I love doing activities and art projects with my son.I am always thinking and searching for fun activites that we can do together when I'm off at work.I want to teach him a lot of things in different ways he will learn where there is enjoyment and lots and lots of fun!This is the first artwork that we did together.
I used an extreme elmer's glue for the whole heart shape and my son just lined up the red beans until he formed a heart shape then he sprinkled mung beans inside.Mung beans is available at asian store but you can definitely use any beans of different colors.For older kids,you can alternate the colors of the beans,say for example the first layer will be red beans then as you go in the center it will be the mung beans and then the red beans again until the last layer is filled.You are kinda grouping the beans from each colors by layers.Anyway,my son enjoyed sprinkling the beans and so he wanted to do one more and this time he wants an oval shape,so here's what we did.

 On this,I used a plain glue,it will work out with any glue just filled it with beans and let it dry.And oh by the way,while he was sprinkling the beans,I asked him what is the color of the beans and he also identified the shapes.Although,at the age of 16months,he pretty much knows most of the shapes and at the age of 2years old,he knows some of the primary colors and now he is very good at identifying shapes and colors,but the main point is he had fun doing this.We basically were just reviewing colors and shapes.It is definitely a fun way to introduce to your child the colors and shapes but ofcourse,remember it's an art so you can do flowers,happy face,anything you can think of.or you can buy white beans,dye it with rainbow colors and form it into a rainbow or another idea i have is paste all the white beans in a form of rainbow then have him look at a rainbow picture as a guide then let him paint line by line.

I created this blog mainly to document the activities that me and my son did,something we can look back to..I don't follow themes..I don't recommend any books.We read different kinds of books everyday,I borrow lots of books at the library every week.if you like themes,it will be your own look out!

Lastly,let kids be kids.Impart knowledge to them in a fun and creative way.Let them realize that learning is F-U-N! :-)