Friday, October 28, 2011

eraser fun

I went to a dollar store not knowing what to buy and i saw these eraser pack and thought I could use it for my transportation activities and true enough,a lot of ideas just popped out in my mind.The first thing I did was  I traced each erasers and let him matched them.

He got them all correctly!Next,I taught him how to draw a line by pair and he immediately got the idea.
It was as easy as 123 for him when he did this..I was amazed!Then we also did this one (below).

He knows how to read a little now.I didn't even say a word,He did it all by himself correcty.I am so proud of him!
He is good at sorting too! (above).

Played with it...vroomy vroom vroom...

And lastly,he did the tweezing.Can you believe it?a lot of activities for these $1 eraser pack!wow!what a great deal!

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