Friday, November 11, 2011

homemade inexpensive continent map

I love to incorporate geography lesson to JP "my way" so what I did was I bought felt sheets and foam boards in dollar tree.printed a map from the internet and I cut each continents.After cutting,I then put a tape in the middle of the paper and taped it onto the felt sheet.This serves as your guide for the shape of the continent,there's no need for you to trace.Then I continued cutting the felt sheet.I cut 2 pairs of each continents for my cards to go along with the map.I glued them in the foam board and the other pair to the cardstock.The last step was I glued the labels.It is so easy.If you're like me who has patience to make it,then you would enjoy.It's a very cheap world map and aside from that,using felt sheet is also a good way to learn about texture.The first time JP touched the map,he said "Mommy,it's soft".I love how my son would say "europe","asia","australia".It is so cute. :)
Here's the picture of my homemade world map which I put in front of our refrigerator.

And here's the continent cards

Now that's neat!

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