Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Easy to make christmas card

Are you looking for a super simple Christmas card idea to make with your kids for Daddy or for grandma or grandpa?well,I'll share what we had just made...All you need are washable paints,paper/cardstock,scissor,Q-tip,star sticker(if not available,use construction paper.
First you need to draw a christmas tree and cut it to make as a stencil.
Fold a paper in half and put it underneath your christmas tree stencil.Tape the top and the bottom of your paper so to make sure it doesn't move.
With your Q-tip,start painting.
Put some colorful dots for ornaments to look like a colorful christmas balls.
When done,take the stencil out and put the star sticker on top the tree

Now here's another way,try to put the dots for christmas balls first followed by the green paint for the tree.This is the effect

Here's a picture using sponge.(below)

Write "Merry Christmas " at the bottom or at the right side and you're done!
Have fun!

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