Tuesday, February 28, 2012

scratch art paper plate

When my son was scratching the scratch pad that we bought in dollar tree,I came up with a different idea,why not use a washable black paint over a scribbled crayon.Without further adieu,allow me to show you how we did it.We scribbled the plate with crayons.

Then we applied a washable black paint using our pointer finger then we played with it using a q-tip,crayon and a stick but among the three,we love the crayon.The q-tip is good in a big plate.

Then we let it dry.The good thing about this is you can always erase if your child wants to draw again by using your finger and add drops of black paint.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

pasta art

Today,we played with colored elbow pasta.I put a spoonful of alcohol and 6 drops of food coloring over a half of cup of pasta.As soon as it dried up,we started doing sculptures.
He said he's going to make roads.
Here's his work (below)
He added more pasta later.I love how he interpret his work,that it is a road.(It's not the product,it's the process)
I also did mine too...





Then I let him trace the letter A

We did pasta stamping too.I bet it would look much better with other colored ink pad.I only have a black and blue ink pad.

And this is our finished products.

my son's work.I drew the stems

And these are mine below

I'm thinking the above picture is great for a mother's day card.With this one,I used a Sunny D bottle cap so to have a full print of the heart shaped pasta.

This would also make a great greeting card.
What do you think?

Friday, February 17, 2012

styrofoam monoprinting

This is so much fun.You don't have to be a good artist to do this.Here's what to do.
1.Print a cartoon picture that you like or you can even tear a page from a coloring book.
2.Tape down the styrofoam onto the table or floor with the picture on top of the styrofoam and slightly trace it enough for you to see the line.

3.When done,take out the picture.Using a dull pencil,trace again the line in the styrofoam.This should look like the picture below.

5.Then you're ready to paint using your roller paint.
6.Make prints on a cardstock or plain paper (monoprinting).

Easy peasy right?You can even make a greeting card out of this.So cool!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

sand art

We loved this art activity.It is great for teaching color mixing and sensorial play too.I was experimenting half a bag of sand with few drops of food coloring and it worked.It'll also work with salt.I will try this again with washable paint diluted with a small amount of water for a richer and vibrant colors and will add glitters too.I don't have the picture to show you the first part we did which is mixing sand with different drops of food coloring.We started putting 4-6 drops of blue then shook the bag and add drops of yellow.
First,we did alphabet tracing but my son insisted to write number 9. :)

Then I drew a duck,traced it with glue and JP sprinkled it with sand.

I then let him draw.I traced it with glue and he sprinkled it with sand.

Here's our finished products (below)

If only I had glitters on hand,it would be so much nicer.We incorporated foam stickers too.

I let him do on his own.He sure was so proud to show it to his daddy. :)

Thursday, February 9, 2012

lego graphing my way

I drew different colors of legos with markers on both papers shown below,yes,no printer is needed.

Now comes the fun part

We sure had fun!