Tuesday, February 14, 2012

sand art

We loved this art activity.It is great for teaching color mixing and sensorial play too.I was experimenting half a bag of sand with few drops of food coloring and it worked.It'll also work with salt.I will try this again with washable paint diluted with a small amount of water for a richer and vibrant colors and will add glitters too.I don't have the picture to show you the first part we did which is mixing sand with different drops of food coloring.We started putting 4-6 drops of blue then shook the bag and add drops of yellow.
First,we did alphabet tracing but my son insisted to write number 9. :)

Then I drew a duck,traced it with glue and JP sprinkled it with sand.

I then let him draw.I traced it with glue and he sprinkled it with sand.

Here's our finished products (below)

If only I had glitters on hand,it would be so much nicer.We incorporated foam stickers too.

I let him do on his own.He sure was so proud to show it to his daddy. :)

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